Monitor, alert and recover servers, applications and network devices.

Suitable for all sizes of network, ServerAssist provides agent-based and agentless monitoring, which can be deployed from a single workstation for quick and easy setup. Automatic network discovery makes sure everything is covered.
You can view network overview reports, check disk, memory and CPU usage, monitor event log entries, keep critical services running and see detailed performance metrics.
Get e-mail and SMS alerts when issues arise, and correct problems automatically, before they escalate into a crisis.
See examples of the user interface, reports and alerts.
Network Overview Report
E-mail Response
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A single and coherent solution
Intuitive and easy to understand
Anticipate future requirements
Increased availability
Highly scalable
Automatic monitoring
Simple to install and deploy
Complete network coverage
Open quote ServerAssist has really proven itself. It's prevented a couple of servers from going down and helped us with some performance tracking on our large database applications. Close quote
Windows Linux SNMP
ServerAssist can monitor Windows servers and workstations, Linux machines, and any generic SNMP device.
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